Simo tangled weekend's result satisfied for man of Sastamala. Season, the most important race was run in Italy Sarno's track next to Naples, where the track profile was changed this year, karting, "the kingdom" for a particular class, the track of the average hourly rate increased by a whopping over 105km/h and a top speed of 167 km/h climbed to its best, the leght of track was found 1681m.

Simo weekend started tricky, because on qualifying practise haunting the engine problem, suffered from the very top Friday's time trials, in which the place was 28 best Finn. On Friday, in the first qualifying heat Simo was forced to crash and it was aware of the fact that in the last two heats of the initial success, the chances would be even more at the final location.

Simo: "The whole first week was wrong with the engine, low-end torque that was missing from the machine correctly, and to some extent whenwe have to  use small sprokets that was straight speed, so cornes speed was not sufficient anymore then."

Saturday morning was still in front of the warm-up runs and two initial installment, Simo decided to try a different engine, once the race was possible to use two motors and a slightly different mixture of gasoline carburators. It seemed to produce results and Simo whole set of morning exercises great runner.

Simo: "The morning after the Warm up, was more relax was a lot of feeling from the last to the first two heats, the way that the pace is enough now, right on the tip!"

In the second qualifying heat Simo drove the tenth and seventh in the third, since under both 16 box. In both the heats puhakka has was the fastest among the five state stabilization time!

Simo: "Yes, it gradually begins to be in want, but it is a little difficult to get up when the track is virtually the only place to pass."

Seen Sunday pre-final Simo from lots of points after the 19th.

Pre-final Simo had a lot of problems, as the engine tuner had put more gasoline mixture carburators and it was just too much gasoline, the result of 15th, Simo start place full-year wait for the finals was not very good, but everything hits the treat, however, was the theoretical potential for TOP 7 from that place of departure.

During the start-finals Simo lost a few places, but was able to stand up nicely in the end 10th World Cup place in the final! World Cup final drive 30 kilometers, which is about 28-minute driving, without stops.

Simo: "Going on I had to give up as soon as a few place when carburator was again out of adjustment and had too much gasoline from the bottom, the entire year it's been that way, but does not help, but when you squeeze more and do the work and hope that the engine manufacturer would wake up .. . Ultimately, the tenth place is OK, when you consider that the track was not overtaking and the whole finale was really smooth.'s no good when you wait until next year .."

Simo is still at least one race calendar, which is the last series of the German race in mid-October, in addition there may still be something extra races, but they are now being planned, then for sure can not say yet.





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