Simo acknowledged for the highest platform in the first final, in the second final a long time led to Puhakka was forced to retire tire breakdowns in one and a half laps before in the end, in the fourth race of the season in Germany, Hahn track.

Puhakka was effective workout since the days of fastest laps and held everything seemed to be working well, time trial, however, had to settle for third place.

Simo: "effective workout, used tires, we got the car steps very well and was easy to drive constant laptimes, but when I was racing tires under the car began to slide a lot and did not help, no matter what adjustments are attempted. This season has been a lot of difference in tire series, but in general Bridgestone has been most consatnt ,what tires we use, but now it seems a bit too change. Nevertheless, I was able, however, vider third time in time. "

The beginning of the first heat of Simo could drive easy to win and second one he finished second. The finalists came from 2nd, First we went to the finale Puhakka beat from start to finish, until the second finals Simo output immediately took first place and thought it was 17 laps, was forced to retire before the tire damaged in the event laps before.

Simo: "heats went very well, I tried various set-ups finals for the tires to maintain the level, but it helped in the end then either. On the track was one of the right swivel bend where was extended to the track with a new surface and it was stayed hump, the likely manner in the tire was too hard and inside the tire broke down in the tissues. From first finals all I can say when that all went to spot-on, and I got to drive in peace easy management.

Simo is a period of the most important race next week in Sarno southern Italy, where the sessions are run across the microdermabrasion World Championship. Simo is a theoretical potential for speed on the very end of a number, but everything is a little off in the game, so it remains to be seen!





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Simo Puhakka
Simo Puhakka
Simo Puhakka
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