Puhakka three-race weekend, the tube was a great decision last weekend's turn of Lecce in Italy, La Conca with square and slip on the track, when Puhakka drove the in first final third and final two to the fifth!

Puhakka took part in the beginning of June starts, the European Championship Cup in Germany Wackersdorf track, without the previous tests that were available and it was reflected in the driver's from Sastamala rhythm and swing. Period, one of the major races of Simo, went to the very below and in the end all crashes after Simon was placed in 24th.

Simo: "This was hopefully rock bottom this season ... The team decided at the last moment, however, to run the race, even though the original was all casinos, then decided that it is squeezed, once can not get to test and do not have a competitive race in the material .. It is then able to correctly expect from the very podium place, because the other was and test all the focus of this that the World Cup race which is run in September .. It is getting so big money in these games that no one is there a source to play, but the material is selected and tested on the line in advance. "

European Championship after the race, was the same way the permit third round of the German championship, which was run on the track Ampfing East Germany, Puhakka competition was a bad start, as Simo hit a high fever on and forces were at the end, because the air temperature rose to just over 30 degrees .. The tests, however, was exported to the rh "very transparent, and everything seemed to play well and Puhakka drove time trials themselves second place!

Simo: "Fortunately, the chassis was quite 'well start at once that there was no need to make more substantial changes, it had to run only for short training sessions, when the fever was on, and rest days was that it would be able huilaan cool and got the heat down .."

Simo won the first qualifying heat of the first and second ranked second, the final place of departure was the runner-up. In the first finals Puhakka got a good start and soon rose to the top, but the tactics which Simon chose, was to be expected that there must of necessity rather than just the number one goal and fight the ticket scab Puhakka became the fourth goal.

Simo: "I chose the source of old tires in the first finals, and pull one then the other finalist with new tires and the other put in new tires in the first finals, so I was down voice a bit, but in the end okay went as i thinks, that if the third or fourth'd so there is still good from another final! "

The second final departure Puhakka had to be the only one who had one set of new tires for the final, but the jury had issued an order that the Bridgestone tires had been problems with the tire and the tissues broke down, so the competitors choose to found yet another new tire. Thus, Puhakka tactics suffered a little, but finally the fourth place, left Simon was the finish on the second just behind number one, which was European champion from the previous weekend!

Directly from Germany, Simo had to head to the very south of Italy, Lecce, which was a third WSK season Euro Series round. fevers get down received Puhakka was ready to fight back podium place as the course was familiar with the material, and has always worked well on the line. On Wednesday, started the tests do not seem to rate the best of her and did not really find a fault, the track was very heavy to drive the 35 degree heat of the track came from a lot of rubber, and it led to the driving style and the lines had to be changed also ..

Puhakka finished time trials, 12 a fall of 0.40 tenths of a pole time, which was the whole week was lost. the first round Simo rose to 10th Saturday's first and second heat, the eighth. Simo went to the finals place 8 And the finale at the end of Simo had risen to a wonderful time in the third!

Simo: "Saturday's finals all went well and balanced run, without rose to the third! It was for all of us a small surprise for a running would have been in fifth place, but the rings sparingly, advanced and in those last rounds, I was able to rises by more, others pace slows down. Germany became the season's first podium and now right after it continued to increase, to look good at speaking, and towards the end of this series is, however, the Euro, which run the same drivers in the World Cup and European Championship "

On Sunday, the first round Simo finished sixth carburators suffering technical fault in the second and fifth in the early heat. Simo went to another finalist place the fifth thanks to a good start and was the fourth already, but in the first round the last bend of a small mistake and it cost throughout the event and, therefore, got out of hand Simo podium Sunday, and had to settle for fifth place.

Simo: "On the first round of the braking went a little too long, and curve out of the way I did not get to keep the chassis on the right driving path and I hit the big rubber, which will track our tires. It was a straight right after them and immediately went to the four guys over on the straight and when everything is going the same speed race, when talking about the one hundredth and thousandth time difference, and in all of the professionals, so errors will not be silent and overtaking much. On the positive side, the final time, the second fastest lap time, that rate will not go very far at the top! "

Simo have the month of July a small sigh break their own races, as the following games are just the beginning of August in Spain, which runs the last WSK Euro Series round Simon is currently 13 series and one-sixth series of the German race less ajaneena.




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