Season in the second WSK Euro Series race Sastamala man had the pace right, exercises until Simo was the fastest of the weekend on the track and clocks the fastest lap time in practice, Simo race tires too much wear and tear caused some problems.

On Friday, turbulence, driven in time trials Puhakka finished ninth.

Simo: "Qualifying was a little game of roulette, when the weather fluctuated throughout the weekend so much, when we were about to leave time for driving so began rain a bit, and when we get a green flag leave the track, so I managed to run only a half turn before, when it began pouring into the harbor water! who was able to leave a little earlier benefited from the fact it was almost a full circle with a dry track! "

Simo heat on Saturday, finished fourth and fifth!

Simo: "In the first the first heat rate would be enough to finish a third, but did not make sense to risk the final round and try to past the above-reaching guy, another early heat, some drivers benefited from the fact that the first heat was missed out and was all new tires to another, and when the track was about 0.70 difference between the new and the old tires, so they are the guys from his back hard. Track ate a lot of the rear tires.

Simo went to the finals in the first quarter of the box, and the finale had to leave, so 10 minutes before the water began to harbor, Simo first final ended 12nd.

Simo: "The first final was the rainy weather, and we have had for quite some time to warm up with the front brake problems in the rain, and this time either, no change from the factory had not entered the race, when I had to drive second behind as the car is not held back none!

On Sunday morning opened bright and it seemed that day to the exported through the dry weather, the first heat of Simo started in 12 place and the finish was sixth, early in the second tranche of investment was deteriorating a bit, the eighth. Sunday's main final Simo started in the seventh place. Output was wonderful, and as soon as the first corner after Simo was already on the fourth, on a couple of rounds Simo rose nicely already third, when the finals were run 13 laps, so the back of the driver hit the rear bumper a little Simo and briefly got stuck in the Simo and lost three places. The end result was sixth place.

Simo: "The finalists were fitted with new tires below and the landscape began to change, I got a great start and I was able to stand up as soon as the fourth, when we were driven 13 laps to Patrik (Hajek) hit my rear bumper, when his back coming guy had driven him up first. Too bad per se, since it went into battle podium place, the whole weekend we got the chassis works  really well with new tires, but a more drove car slide a little and it is difficult for a long finale just the tip of the battle, but the team was still happy! "

Now, Simo is a small sigh and a pause next race is the German Championship, a tournament in Germany until the end of May Wackersdorf track, which is the beginning of June in the European Championship race.

Simo: "This race comes to be important, as we gather the necessary information on the European Championship for the race, which is run, the German championship just a week after the race!"





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Simo Puhakka
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