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Simo tangled weekend's result satisfied for man of Sastamala. Season, the most important race was run in Italy Sarno's track next to Naples, where the track profile was changed this year, karting, "the kingdom" for a particular class, the track of the average hourly rate increased by a whopping over 105km/h and a top speed of 167 km/h climbed to its best, the leght of track was found 1681m.

Simo weekend started tricky, because on qualifying practise haunting the engine problem, suffered from the very top Friday's time trials, in which the place was 28 best Finn. On Friday, in the first qualifying heat Simo was forced to crash and it was aware of the fact that in the last two heats of the initial success, the chances would be even more at the final location.

Simo: "The whole first week was wrong with the engine, low-end torque that was missing from the machine correctly, and to some extent whenwe have to  use small sprokets that was straight speed, so cornes speed was not sufficient anymore then."

Saturday morning was still in front of the warm-up runs and two initial installment, Simo decided to try a different engine, once the race was possible to use two motors and a slightly different mixture of gasoline carburators. It seemed to produce results and Simo whole set of morning exercises great runner.

Simo: "The morning after the Warm up, was more relax was a lot of feeling from the last to the first two heats, the way that the pace is enough now, right on the tip!"

In the second qualifying heat Simo drove the tenth and seventh in the third, since under both 16 box. In both the heats puhakka has was the fastest among the five state stabilization time!

Simo: "Yes, it gradually begins to be in want, but it is a little difficult to get up when the track is virtually the only place to pass."

Seen Sunday pre-final Simo from lots of points after the 19th.

Pre-final Simo had a lot of problems, as the engine tuner had put more gasoline mixture carburators and it was just too much gasoline, the result of 15th, Simo start place full-year wait for the finals was not very good, but everything hits the treat, however, was the theoretical potential for TOP 7 from that place of departure.

During the start-finals Simo lost a few places, but was able to stand up nicely in the end 10th World Cup place in the final! World Cup final drive 30 kilometers, which is about 28-minute driving, without stops.

Simo: "Going on I had to give up as soon as a few place when carburator was again out of adjustment and had too much gasoline from the bottom, the entire year it's been that way, but does not help, but when you squeeze more and do the work and hope that the engine manufacturer would wake up .. . Ultimately, the tenth place is OK, when you consider that the track was not overtaking and the whole finale was really smooth.'s no good when you wait until next year .."

Simo is still at least one race calendar, which is the last series of the German race in mid-October, in addition there may still be something extra races, but they are now being planned, then for sure can not say yet.






Simo acknowledged for the highest platform in the first final, in the second final a long time led to Puhakka was forced to retire tire breakdowns in one and a half laps before in the end, in the fourth race of the season in Germany, Hahn track.

Puhakka was effective workout since the days of fastest laps and held everything seemed to be working well, time trial, however, had to settle for third place.

Simo: "effective workout, used tires, we got the car steps very well and was easy to drive constant laptimes, but when I was racing tires under the car began to slide a lot and did not help, no matter what adjustments are attempted. This season has been a lot of difference in tire series, but in general Bridgestone has been most consatnt ,what tires we use, but now it seems a bit too change. Nevertheless, I was able, however, vider third time in time. "

The beginning of the first heat of Simo could drive easy to win and second one he finished second. The finalists came from 2nd, First we went to the finale Puhakka beat from start to finish, until the second finals Simo output immediately took first place and thought it was 17 laps, was forced to retire before the tire damaged in the event laps before.

Simo: "heats went very well, I tried various set-ups finals for the tires to maintain the level, but it helped in the end then either. On the track was one of the right swivel bend where was extended to the track with a new surface and it was stayed hump, the likely manner in the tire was too hard and inside the tire broke down in the tissues. From first finals all I can say when that all went to spot-on, and I got to drive in peace easy management.

Simo is a period of the most important race next week in Sarno southern Italy, where the sessions are run across the microdermabrasion World Championship. Simo is a theoretical potential for speed on the very end of a number, but everything is a little off in the game, so it remains to be seen!






Puhakka three-race weekend, the tube was a great decision last weekend's turn of Lecce in Italy, La Conca with square and slip on the track, when Puhakka drove the in first final third and final two to the fifth!

Puhakka took part in the beginning of June starts, the European Championship Cup in Germany Wackersdorf track, without the previous tests that were available and it was reflected in the driver's from Sastamala rhythm and swing. Period, one of the major races of Simo, went to the very below and in the end all crashes after Simon was placed in 24th.

Simo: "This was hopefully rock bottom this season ... The team decided at the last moment, however, to run the race, even though the original was all casinos, then decided that it is squeezed, once can not get to test and do not have a competitive race in the material .. It is then able to correctly expect from the very podium place, because the other was and test all the focus of this that the World Cup race which is run in September .. It is getting so big money in these games that no one is there a source to play, but the material is selected and tested on the line in advance. "

European Championship after the race, was the same way the permit third round of the German championship, which was run on the track Ampfing East Germany, Puhakka competition was a bad start, as Simo hit a high fever on and forces were at the end, because the air temperature rose to just over 30 degrees .. The tests, however, was exported to the rh "very transparent, and everything seemed to play well and Puhakka drove time trials themselves second place!

Simo: "Fortunately, the chassis was quite 'well start at once that there was no need to make more substantial changes, it had to run only for short training sessions, when the fever was on, and rest days was that it would be able huilaan cool and got the heat down .."

Simo won the first qualifying heat of the first and second ranked second, the final place of departure was the runner-up. In the first finals Puhakka got a good start and soon rose to the top, but the tactics which Simon chose, was to be expected that there must of necessity rather than just the number one goal and fight the ticket scab Puhakka became the fourth goal.

Simo: "I chose the source of old tires in the first finals, and pull one then the other finalist with new tires and the other put in new tires in the first finals, so I was down voice a bit, but in the end okay went as i thinks, that if the third or fourth'd so there is still good from another final! "

The second final departure Puhakka had to be the only one who had one set of new tires for the final, but the jury had issued an order that the Bridgestone tires had been problems with the tire and the tissues broke down, so the competitors choose to found yet another new tire. Thus, Puhakka tactics suffered a little, but finally the fourth place, left Simon was the finish on the second just behind number one, which was European champion from the previous weekend!

Directly from Germany, Simo had to head to the very south of Italy, Lecce, which was a third WSK season Euro Series round. fevers get down received Puhakka was ready to fight back podium place as the course was familiar with the material, and has always worked well on the line. On Wednesday, started the tests do not seem to rate the best of her and did not really find a fault, the track was very heavy to drive the 35 degree heat of the track came from a lot of rubber, and it led to the driving style and the lines had to be changed also ..

Puhakka finished time trials, 12 a fall of 0.40 tenths of a pole time, which was the whole week was lost. the first round Simo rose to 10th Saturday's first and second heat, the eighth. Simo went to the finals place 8 And the finale at the end of Simo had risen to a wonderful time in the third!

Simo: "Saturday's finals all went well and balanced run, without rose to the third! It was for all of us a small surprise for a running would have been in fifth place, but the rings sparingly, advanced and in those last rounds, I was able to rises by more, others pace slows down. Germany became the season's first podium and now right after it continued to increase, to look good at speaking, and towards the end of this series is, however, the Euro, which run the same drivers in the World Cup and European Championship "

On Sunday, the first round Simo finished sixth carburators suffering technical fault in the second and fifth in the early heat. Simo went to another finalist place the fifth thanks to a good start and was the fourth already, but in the first round the last bend of a small mistake and it cost throughout the event and, therefore, got out of hand Simo podium Sunday, and had to settle for fifth place.

Simo: "On the first round of the braking went a little too long, and curve out of the way I did not get to keep the chassis on the right driving path and I hit the big rubber, which will track our tires. It was a straight right after them and immediately went to the four guys over on the straight and when everything is going the same speed race, when talking about the one hundredth and thousandth time difference, and in all of the professionals, so errors will not be silent and overtaking much. On the positive side, the final time, the second fastest lap time, that rate will not go very far at the top! "

Simo have the month of July a small sigh break their own races, as the following games are just the beginning of August in Spain, which runs the last WSK Euro Series round Simon is currently 13 series and one-sixth series of the German race less ajaneena.





The reason for this misunderstanding with in the team!



Season in the second WSK Euro Series race Sastamala man had the pace right, exercises until Simo was the fastest of the weekend on the track and clocks the fastest lap time in practice, Simo race tires too much wear and tear caused some problems.

On Friday, turbulence, driven in time trials Puhakka finished ninth.

Simo: "Qualifying was a little game of roulette, when the weather fluctuated throughout the weekend so much, when we were about to leave time for driving so began rain a bit, and when we get a green flag leave the track, so I managed to run only a half turn before, when it began pouring into the harbor water! who was able to leave a little earlier benefited from the fact it was almost a full circle with a dry track! "

Simo heat on Saturday, finished fourth and fifth!

Simo: "In the first the first heat rate would be enough to finish a third, but did not make sense to risk the final round and try to past the above-reaching guy, another early heat, some drivers benefited from the fact that the first heat was missed out and was all new tires to another, and when the track was about 0.70 difference between the new and the old tires, so they are the guys from his back hard. Track ate a lot of the rear tires.

Simo went to the finals in the first quarter of the box, and the finale had to leave, so 10 minutes before the water began to harbor, Simo first final ended 12nd.

Simo: "The first final was the rainy weather, and we have had for quite some time to warm up with the front brake problems in the rain, and this time either, no change from the factory had not entered the race, when I had to drive second behind as the car is not held back none!

On Sunday morning opened bright and it seemed that day to the exported through the dry weather, the first heat of Simo started in 12 place and the finish was sixth, early in the second tranche of investment was deteriorating a bit, the eighth. Sunday's main final Simo started in the seventh place. Output was wonderful, and as soon as the first corner after Simo was already on the fourth, on a couple of rounds Simo rose nicely already third, when the finals were run 13 laps, so the back of the driver hit the rear bumper a little Simo and briefly got stuck in the Simo and lost three places. The end result was sixth place.

Simo: "The finalists were fitted with new tires below and the landscape began to change, I got a great start and I was able to stand up as soon as the fourth, when we were driven 13 laps to Patrik (Hajek) hit my rear bumper, when his back coming guy had driven him up first. Too bad per se, since it went into battle podium place, the whole weekend we got the chassis works  really well with new tires, but a more drove car slide a little and it is difficult for a long finale just the tip of the battle, but the team was still happy! "

Now, Simo is a small sigh and a pause next race is the German Championship, a tournament in Germany until the end of May Wackersdorf track, which is the beginning of June in the European Championship race.

Simo: "This race comes to be important, as we gather the necessary information on the European Championship for the race, which is run, the German championship just a week after the race!"






Germany Championship start's from Kerpen, during the weekend under varying conditions, is substantially complicated adjustments to the chassis, for every half hour of water and precipitation, the precipitation finished path in between so was able to dry.

On Friday, free practise, Simo is best reached up and running, but the reason for this is unclear, as Simo does not put on new tires at all times on Friday rehearsals!

On Saturday morning, clearing the rainy weather, the time-Simo went riding with confidence, as the morning Warm-up play car seemed to work well for a long time and the pace was the case, the weather, however, varied very much, and time trial resulted in a 15 place, as Simo's tires warmed up too much pressure, as the track began to dry and estimated pressure was not correct. Qualifying after the inspection, however, it became clear that Simo the engine serial number did not match, the day before give to numbers, and this was followed by disqualified , and 15th place change 50th.

Simo: "Qualifying went well in itself, the rate was roughly the case, lost a little bit of tires due to excessive temperature, just a pity that the team gave the wrong engine in the morning and I had to get the mistakes of others!"

In Germany, was compared to competitor that it exceeds the capacity of the track, and therefore qualifyings, the need to distribute groups A, B and C were, therefore, each driver drive two heats.

The first beginning of a track dried up, and Simo had to leave the last place from 33rd. Simo, however, was to rise moderately well up to 19th! In the second place in the early installments Simo 16th from 33rd place, through to the Of two points following the final installment of Simon was ranked 24th

Simo: "heats went ok, when on the track, however, there was only one decent place to pass, so it is difficult for some to rise above!"

On Sunday, the track was dry and the finals was reached to run a fine sunny weather, Simo went to the first finalist from  24th place and finished 15th Simo reached the finals in the second to leave the place 15th and arrived to fifth in just fine!

Simo: "In the finals, we decided to save new tires for the second finalist to getting advance properly, and this time it worked okay. I lost a few good rounds, when I was another driver behind, when it is closed to overtake. Pace would be enough to just win up to, if I were 15 have been kept in place after the time trial! "

Simo's next race is the after one and half a week in France in Val D'Argentona on the track, which is the second WSK Euro Series race, the first Sarno ran a week ago and there was a result of 1.Final 16th place and 2.Final 22nd.

Simo: "Sarno not only to a chassis from the rain and bad, and therefore the longer the difference between the track and fast came double!"






WSK Series Master Series final race was held last weekend in Castelletto on the track in Pavia, Simo's not the original plan a series of last race shouldn't do, but races before and Simo's speed which the team decided to drive Simo, also the last race!

Exercises Simo had problems with the karts settings, and the best compression is obtained from, the qulifyings driving, the car was, however, from Simo pleasant settings and it seemed like an easy to drive and just the tip of the pace it was possible for the morning warm-up play Simo was third quickest time. When the time trial was run, Simo was ranked eighth, the result is not terribly pleased, it was a much better chance.

Simon: "We adjusted the exercises of a car tire, it had a big problem to get tires to work on the corners well, but when the slide. Time trial when I left so the car was supposed to be okay, but from the beginning of the second fast lap I noticed that the car's rear end slide quite impossible and I almost run out of your hands when you had to change also gears yet. In theory, the tires one should be the same mixture, as well as practice and race tires, but already exists in the collection period, there had been such that the tire manufacturer Vega has brought a different tire! All with whom I spoke, it was the same problem and no one was satisfied with the tires, but put this wonder, that the following series which begins in less than two weeks away, so that the tire is driven by, once a choice ... "

Qualifying heats went to the wrestling with tires leading slippage and, consequently, Simo was ranked ninth in both heats. Final Simo was determined from eighth place. At the beginning of the finale of Simon had already risen nicely in sixth place, while keeping the car began to weaken and eventually fell out of the investment for a tenth.

Simo: "Final eighth place was the maximum position what we could do this time, it is not only derived from the tires to work properly! In the finals, I had already got off to a few places to rise, before the tires started to slip by!"

On Sunday, the heat in the first heat Simo was forced to stop, because in front of the competitor gets rolling with your time in front of Simo in the first round of cold tires, and early in the second installment Simo came from 17 the place of the tenth. Final output was a box of 12

Final output managed really well, and Simo was to rise a few place in the final position after all the difficulties was the seventh.

Simo: "Final changed the car a bit and it seemed to work better when in the past. This race was difficult in that sense, because the track was very small and with gearbox class and the car was able to drive much tighter line and this is difficult for a lot of passes, I think that if all had gone the very spot on the finals, so the maximum investment could have been four. "

Simon disposal WSK Master series was 10

Simon the following games are less than two weeks to get on the track Sarno, near Naples, to begin a new series of WSK Euro Series, with four rounds to the other three races run in France, Val d'Argenton, La Conca in Italy and in Spain in Zaragoza!






Second period, WSK Master Series race was held last weekend in Sarno near Naples. The whole weekend was exported to the sunny weather, on Friday and through the qualifying Simo ranked 18 suffering a problem with your car transmission. The first heat on Saturday, Simon went to 18 place, and got a good start thanks to eventually rise to 6 place.

Simon: "The first heat I got a good start, chassis and engine functioning properly, so it was easy to get up."

The second one went to the first heat of the order of finish, with Simo also finished seventh, suffering from a light kart understeering. Simo went to the finals seventh place and drove to the finish line in seventh.

Simo: "In the final miss a little, I lost time at the beginning, when I had to fight with another driver, when I get a little gap, so all the action began, and I was able to drive freely. Chassis on Saturday, I did not get the whole what I want, but certainly will do a great effort. Tires is changed a lot since last year and it will bring some problems to get the car balance. "

On Sunday morning began to warm-up in which a chassis was set to different settings of view, if that help me improve the finals for a long time.

Simo: "front of the chassis was changed a little as to achieve an output of the corners more front end grip and at least in the morning after warm up felt, that the set-up felt better sitting in hand!"

In the first heat Simo got off to well, but when we went to the track slow leg, behind the driver was coming hard after them and Simo flew to track dirty part of Simo and lost many positions in the race we were three three laps, Simo tried to pass in front of the driver, who shut the door closed and coincided with those of tires and as a result, Simo flying in the air. In the second heat Simo quickly the source of 24 place when the first heat was not completed due to a crash. In the second heat hit the car's controls do not want another frame, and as a result of lackluster 19 position.

Simo: "Well, the first heat was pretty fast and I do not have tires for action at the outset, when I was dirty, and on a couple of laps, when I tried to ignore the above, then it will shut the door and flew into the air from chassis went wrong and had to be transferred to another chassis, what could test only once to on Thursday and not been to work properly. For second heat we put it other chassis and that one don't worked well! "

Final Simo changed a lot of set-up for chasiis, that were unclear for the next races in which direction to go. Simo went to 23 from place and, finally, was able to stand up, after a hard fight 14 place.

Simon: "Final changed the rear end, a little freer, and the front end of an attempt to increase grip more, when the second heat was a big problem with the rear end was too much grip and I did not get the chassis turns for corners properly. The finals the car's brake pedal was finally get soft and get it even more difficult, because the car was none the less still a lot of understeering and did not have enough grip to the corners coming, so I had to slow down much exists in the collection which had and I lost time in the lot! Now should something happen with this and the next race's between, that can be fight yet run out of the future, and that the car can be properly balance! "

Simon next competition is in mid-April in Sarno, to begin a period of one main series WSK Euro Series!






First round of WSK Master serie was at La Conca last weekend, Simo the race went fairly well, as the time trials on Friday tenth position and the pole position time was 0.255 tenths of a gap.

Simo: "Well, quite 'satisfied with the time I was in pursuit, but rather oishan it could not go, because I did not get used to a new tire for first laps properly, becuase I had always someone in front, I'm sure that I would have been able to about 0.150 better if it would have been free space only, it'd already got to go to sixth place! "

In the first heat Simo had a good speed, but slowed down a bit towards the end of the tire pressure was too hard to warm up, and Simo had to settle for eighth place. The second one went to the first heat of the finishing order of and Simo get eighth place in the grid. In the second heat speed was immediatly good and result could have been better than the seventh place without any hits.

Simo: "Well, Saturday second heat, all drivers did not seem to remember, that the variety is not the world championship, I do not get such an activity, the result could be much better.."

After Two passed heats, was calculated for two heats together and it was the least points who got to pole, etc. Simo's as a start place seventh.
Simo had an excellent start and was immediately taken off to one place, the finale progresses, the chassis worked well, and when the checkered flag was waved by Simo risen fourth place!

Simo: "Well, my first final went ok, fourth place was an ok performance, just thinking of that 4 months ago last time I've been driving a race, of course, we could do also better, without any problems in second heat, with my Team mate. The kart seemed to work okay, and engine function very well, however, in the end chassis slide a bit, but coming back was a good gap already, so I was able to relax a bit and save the tires for the next day! "

On Sunday, the first heat stating grid was, how we finished on Saturday, Simo got to break away from fourth position well-off and go to the third immediately after the first corner, and holding it until the end of the heat! In the second heat Simo went to the third place in grid, and after three laps was move to second place, as with competitor drove him to the side of the bypass and was part of the dirty asphalt, Simo dropped three places and the final of heat carburators became some problem, which dropped him to the end of ninth place.

Simo: "The second one I got a good speed and I was becoming a second, when the corner at the outlet guy was hanging alongside, and then drove on the side, if I had then dirty and it goes three laps, that will regain the tires at the same hold as before, and when it was all in the same bundle so they came over. All strange is, that my team mate had this pass, but apparently, even if driven in the same team so does not affect anything. final rounds carburators got some air, and did not get some fuel, and the pace slowed down, it lost a few more place. "

Simo the final of the place in the grid instead of the third change of the sixth, the second heat of problems. Final output went well, and Simo was on the fifth, when the chassis began to slide in a lot and was not able to go corners so hard, when you should have been, after all, Simo was ranked ninth the second in the finals.

Simo: " Before second final we change a bit of set-up for our kart a little more grip in front and in the end that would be a problem in the finals, then, the whole weekend was pretty good and I got one good race under and saw that the speed just enough to top!"

Simo run the next time in Sarno, near Naples in two weeks with the same WSK Master Series continues.

Simo: "I know Sarno as quite well, I living there for close to 2008 and I was able to drive a lot out there, and I believe that we are there for a very competitive there! At La Conca we saw already, that the power of the engines should be found sufficient, because it's required Sarno long straight"

Simo is a 7 place in WSK Master Series points!





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