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The season's first WSK Master Series race is next weekend in La Conca-intensive and physically on the track south of Italy, the WSK Master series also includes two other races that are run in mid-March at Sarno and Castelletto March and early April.

Simo: "Finally I can start my racing season, Winter Cup was my intervention, but here is a good place to start the season. Last year was a good  here at La Conca Euro Series race, and anyway the track has always been a mind and going well here! I believe, that we can be bring to a good result here at home! "

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Simon will continue to contract even Scuderia PCR with the class of shifter KZ1, the racing season is about 14-16 competition, and possibly a few more a single race. Simo's competitions during the season to find a Dutch team of AVG inside the tent. Simon season tests begin in january and February.

Simon: " I am very happy, that we were able to continue the already long-standing cooperation with PCR's. I look forward to the coming season, the races should be enough in the coming season. Season 2011 was very difficult for us, but we learn a lot of new things, which grew stronger and desire to win, but the 2012 season I think we were able to build the best possible and efficient package, I'm sure that the PCR / TM we have a combination of good and visible results in time!

In practice, things are not terribly changed, other than that, only on the races im come to be inside the Dutch team's tent AVG, because they drive TM engines and, therefore, I got together a competitive package, for season 2012 .. Rest of the time I spend at the factory in Italy, developing and testing the frames. "

Season starts with WSK Master series consisting of three rounds, but probably simon do just two race, first race is in La Conca, which is located just south of Italy, so to speak, the shoe heel and the other Sarno, near Naples.

Season continues the WSK Euro series, with four races, which are located in Italy, France, Italy and Spain. Simos racing calender including new colors, Simon participates also in the German championship series, which the competition calendar will add five races.

Simon: " It is great to drive in Germany acclaimed series, which has always been a lot of hard-quality drivers around Europe, will surely be tough races known, and I look forward to it! "

Highlights of the season and the biggest expectations are placed, however, until June, when the European Championship in Germany is in Wackersdorf what is quite bumpy track, and as well as the beginning of September when the World championship fights in Sarno, both of the competitions run
single race method. Season closing event in the karting world's largest branded competition in Las Vegas, which is run during the latter half of November.





In this last race out of 5 races in the Italian Open Masters series 2008 the most important thing for Simo was to secure the team championship title for his team; The RENDA Motorsport S.A.S., using PCR/TM race equipment.

In the free practice sessions on Friday, driven in dry conditions, Simo was among the 3 fastest drivers. Then on Saturday it started raining and the teams had to start changing all adjustments from dry to heavy rain adjustments. Simo then won the first heat, retired in the second heat because of a chain break down and then won the third heat.
Therefore he started from pole position in the pre final and finished second. In the final Simo then decided to secure a third position which was enough to secure the team title for his team.
Therefore his team; RENDA Motorsport S.A.S. is now the new Italian Open Masters Team Champion out of 16 teams competing in this series.



This Sunday Simo Puhakka won his third race in a row in the Italian Open
Masters KZ2 series. With this victory he secured the overall win of the
Series as the series consists of 5 races and Simo now has an overall superior
Lead by 39 points, which is unreachable for the closest competitors.


It was a very exciting race on the Sant´Egidion Val Vibrata race track.
Simo, who is driving for the Italian Renda Motorsport team in their PCR
Car, won the first and the third heats but became second in the second heat.
“At the end of the straight there was a lot of rain water and sometimes I had to
drive hard into the following corner, just to come through the water. I was out on
the outside of the track a couple of times because of this and I had to secure my
second place”


In the pre-final Simo was slipping and sliding and again finishing second but then he
Won the final in a superior way.
However the start in the final was a bit scary;
“When I hit the pedal in the start the engine just started spitting because the engine was full
of gasoline because of the rain. After I had pumped with the clutch and gas pedal a few times  
the engine started working normally again. Because of these problems in the start I first
dropped down some 10 positions. After the engine started working normally again I could
move up to normal speed again, overtaking all the others and then keeping my lead onto the
finish line”


This victory was a result of a great team work as well;
“ For the last training session, the Team manager Mr. Renda believed in my proposal of changing the chassis and trying out a chassis I had developed myself. With this chassis I had already won 2 Finnish Championship titles. As soon as I drove this chassis I was clearly faster than the rest and I could drive better” reports a happy and victorious Simo Puhakka from Italy.


The European Championships race in the KZ2 class was a big disappointment for Simo
Puhakka. A lot of technical problems ruined his weekend and expectations, especially after
having had such a good opening of this season.


“ In the first free practice session on Friday I was 12th on a dry track. In the second I was
already second although I did not get the chassis adjusted to an ideal set up. The third    
session was then the last one before the qualifying and in this third session my engine blew
up. Therefore I had to use the second engine which was not as well set up as the first one.
In the qualifying I finished 12th and in the first heat I succeeded to finish 8th. After this we
did some changes to the car but they proved to be wrong and I finished 13th in the second   
heat. In the first final I started from 15th grid but I had an accident and then my front tires
just smelted away. I finished 22nd. Therefore I started from grid 22 in the second final and I
succeeded to finish 13th as I drove 3 fastest laps. All in all this was not a good weekend, as
I know I could have fought for the win if everything had gone my way”, said a frustrated
Simo Puhakka.


Today Simo Puhakka won his second race in a row in the Italian Open Masters series in the
KZ2 class. After this his second victory, Simo is now leading in the overall standings of the
championships by a superior 15 points lead. The race in Ugento was the third race out of 5
races in these championships series. The last 2 races are taking place in june and july.
”This race weekend was not as easy as one could think because of the results; it was raining
on an irregular basis, causing both me and the team to work in hard conditions. Despite of
my mistake in the second heat, where it had rained hard before the start, I am very happy
with the victory and the lead in the championships series” said Simo Puhakka.
The lead in this series, ranked as the toughest national series in the world, is a welcomed
success and award for the long term and focused job Simo has been doing through the years.
Also the producer and factory behind Simo´s racing team, is appreciating the skills of Simo
and is ready to support him where ever they can.

“ The factory had brought 2 new chassis for the test and they now worked better in rain
conditions than the former ones. The measurements of the chassis are now the same as the
ones I won 2 Finnish Champion titles with”, said a satisfied Simo Puhakka.




Today, Sunday, Simo won the second race in the Italian Open Championships series on the  
race track in Jesolo. In the final Simo Puhakka beat the winner of the previous race; Yuri
Lucati from Italy. Simo started from pole position and lead the race from start to the end.

The first race in this 5 race Italian Open Masters series 2 weeks ago, was won by Lucati and
Simo being only 13th because of a broken chain. After today´s victory, Simo is only 3 points
behind Lucati.

 “ I won both the pre final and the final here in Jesolo so it looks like the car is working
 ideally now. The overall situation is good and my target to win the complete series is still

 The next race in the Italian Open Masters series is on April 27th. These championships is
 considered to be the toughest national championship series. One of the well known drivers
 to have won these series is Robert Kubica, the Formula 1 driver.


This weekend Simo continued his participating in the ICC-series and this time fighting for the Finnish Champion title in Honkajoki. The race track in Honkajoki was built last year and therefore Simo´s team first had problems to adjust the tire pressure and the car to this track.

“ Although we all drove lap after lap on the track, we did not become any grip. This because of the new tarmac. And maybe because of the cold weather conditions and that the track was quite dirty when we started to practice on Thursday” Simo said.

The free practice session on Friday was first very frustrating for Simo as he did not get the car adjusted to the track the way he wanted. But after a hard work from the race engineer and Simo they finally found the missing settings and the speed increased. “Being used to drive in the warm conditions in Italy with a lot of grip on the track and now being on a cold track with almost no grip, very slippery, it took me some time to figure out the right settings. But I finally got the settings right and my speed increased”, Simo said.

On Saturday morning, on time for the qualifying the outdoor temperature was close to 0 degrees, which was quite a shock for Simo´s Italian race engineer, Antonio Renda. Simo did not participate in the first qualifying session but then went out for the second session. Immediately he drove top times and his best time of 46.749 was 0.201 seconds faster than the second driver, Daniel Lindholm.

After this Simo won both heats and was ready to start from the pole in the pre final on Sunday. In the pre final Simo was superior; immediately driving away from the rest and winning the pre final in a superior way, although he saved his engine for the final later on. Also in the final Simo was as superior as in all heats and the pre final this weekend; he lead from beginning and won by a big difference to the second driver.

“This was a great weekend and a good follow up to my 8th position in the World Championships final in Sarno a week ago. And as I had no other goal than to win the title here in Honkajoki I am very happy. The only thing disturbing me now, is that I am a Finnish Champion in all other karting series than the junior series ICA-junior, where I lost the title by one point in 2003”, Simo said.

The next challenge for Simo is to participate in the World Championships final in the KF1-series in Mariembourg, Belgium on Sep 21st-23rd. It really will be an interesting challenge as Simo will participate in this final with a for Simo new team and car, Swiss Hutless, as his equipment.

“ I am really looking forward to this race and I am excited about my possibility to do my best for the Swiss Hutless team. At the same time I hereby want to thank all my sponsors, partners and other people who have helped me coming this far on my career”


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